• RoseCraft Blades offers Genuine Bone Handles

    RoseCraft’s Bone Covers celebrate the Nature of Bone!

    RoseCraft uses genuine bone for some of the covers on their traditional slip joint pocketknives. Bovine bone is usually collected from cows raised for their meat. It’s cleaned, dried, and then prepared for use in our traditional pocketknives. Oh, and it’s gorgeous all by itself. Bone covers have natural texture, coloring, and pattern, and no …

  • RoseCraft Blades Holston River Surgeon's Knife

    RoseCraft Blades Holston River Surgeon’s Knife: A Traditional Design with Modern Cutting Power

    If you’re a knife enthusiast or collector, you’re probably familiar with the traditional Doctor’s knife pattern. The RoseCraft Blades Holston River Surgeon’s Knife takes this classic design and gives it a modern twist with a scalpel-like Wharncliffe blade. The two-bladed slip joint knife features a 3″ D2 spear point blade and a 2.2″ D2 Wharncliffe …

  • RoseCraft Red Knives

    Let’s talk about RoseCraft Red!

    Andy and Swaggs talk about RoseCraft Red – the signature color of RoseCraft Blades. Wanna see what we have in RoseCraft Red, click here: RoseCraft Red

  • Limited Edition RoseCraft Alenta

    The RoseCraft Alenta debuts with a Limited Edition

    The RoseCraft Blades Alenta will debut with two Limited Edition versions. Limited to 150 pieces each, the Black (RCM004-BK) and Natural Jade (RCM004-NJ) will feature dual finish blades. The Upswept AR-RPM9 blades will have both black PVD and satin finish, dual finish blades, and you can view the prototypes at Booth 1618 at BLADE Show. …

  • Spotlight on the RoseCraft Little Riverbend Skinner

    If the RoseCraft Blades Little Riverbend Skinner looks familiar, it’s because it’s based on an original pattern Andy Armstrong created a few years ago. Armstrong set out to improve that original design while keeping the things people loved about it. “There’s something about this pattern that people really love. But, I think that there’s always …

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